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Seriously, I write everything on this site by myself, and I have to juggle that hard work alongside a bunch of jobs.  Not to mention the fact that it isn't free to have a website, which means that I am technically paying money myself to write all this stuff for you.  The more help I get with my web-hosting fees, the fewer jobs I have to have, which means more of the articles you love, more often.

Look at it this way:  How much does a magazine cost?  And if you bought a magazine, how many of the articles would be as good as the ones on here?  And what are the odds that the person who wrote the article you liked in the magazine is $40,000 in debt and has absolutely no way ever to pay this back because he got a degree in poetry for some insane reason?

Exactly.  And yet here I am, writing all this awesome stuff for free, just because I rule.  I deserve at least some money.  Am I saying that I should be rich?  No.  But I totally deserve, seriously, like some money.

And if you have been going around repeating stuff you read here and impressing people with it, or used any of my ideas in a paper for school or something, then honestly, you should totally give me money.  Seriously, give me like a dollar or something.  You won't miss it.  The next time you're drunk, you are going to offer someone on the street a dollar for a cigarette, but here I am writing all these essays that have been blowing your mind for years, and you won't give me a dollar?  What's up with that?

You don't want to give me a dollar?  Okay, I understand.  A dollar is kind of a lot of money.  So give me like a quarter or something.  Here's the thing:  there is no reason anymore for magazines to even exist.  Everything should be on the internet.  It's easier, and it doesn't waste paper.  The only reason magazines still exist is because writers have to write for magazines if they want to get paid.  I am good enough to write for magazines (obviously), but I put all my stuff here instead, because I am trying to do good and I want people to see it.  If more good writers did that, society would get better faster.  But they don't, because they (understandably) need to get paid.

Sooner or later, we are going to have to adopt a system of writers putting up websites and people paying them whatever they think is fair, like Radiohead did with that one album where they just made it themselves and put it up as a download and people paid them on the honor system, because fuck a record company.  So that's what I'm doing.  So give me a dollar, or a quarter, or something.

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—Sexo Grammaticus, Lord High Editor for Life, The 1585

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