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--The Dorks Awaken, Hopefully added 1/2/16
--Men without Parties added 7/28/15
--On White Males and Imaginary Arguments added 7/12/15
--ASMR: Turn Up Blue Tomorrow added 6/28/15
--Of Course I'm Afraid of You added 5/21/15
--If You Can't Fake Anything Nice, Don't Fake Anything At All added 4/13/15
--The Misadventure of the Crowded House added 2/26/15
--The Last Thing I Will Ever Say about the Tired Subject of Feminists Vs. PUAs added 3/31/13
--A Brief but Necessary Logical Point about Vaginas added 3/10/13
star--The Innocence of Facebook added 9/20/12
--The Hidden Problem behind "Fat Acceptance" added 6/14/12
--What We Talk About When We Talk About Bullying added 5/11/12
--Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That, Who's Afraid of a Complete Dumbass? added 12/17/11
--Why I Didn't Go to Occupy Wall Street added 11/20/11
star--"Confidence" Men: on Pickup and Unfalsifiability added 8/11/11
--How Heaven LOST added 6/18/11
--Lest You Drive an Angel From Your Door added 3/20/11
--Hand In Hand Across The Bridge At Midnight added 2/28/11
--For the Body, For the Hate added 2/11/11
--I'm Nice Men added 11/28/10
star--The Collapsible Triangle added 8/15/10
--Is It Me? It's Him, Right? added 6/19/10
--I Don't Want You To Be No Slave added 3/7/10
--If I Was Twice the Man I Could Be, I'd Still Be Half of What You Need added 2/16/10
--The Requisite Valentine's Day Essay added 2/14/10
--I'm Sick of This "Bro" Shit added 2/9/10
--Words for Women added 1/9/10
--Worst. Decade. Ever. added 12/31/09
star--The Perfect Storm (of Stupid) added 11/13/09
--The 1585 Learns the True Meaning of Hallowe'en added 10/28/09
star--Objectivist Overruled added 9/30/09
--The Trouble with Moogwads added 9/12/09
--Yes, In Fact, You Do Have to Live Like a Refugee added 9/1/09
--Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion 2 added 8/4/09
--On Performative Masculinity added 6/20/09
--The 1585 Sets Out to Make Fun of Dating Advice and Ends Up Uncovering a Massive
   Christian Media Conspiracy added 4/18/09
--Are You Not Entertained? added 3/23/09
star--One a Month added 1/23/09
--You Know This, Man added 1/16/09
--The End of the Other N-Word? added 12/12/08
--Something Else But Mad added 11/12/08
--10 Reasons Why Atheists Should Still Vote for Obama added 9/27/08
--That's Not What "Smart" Means! added 8/13/08
--Mere LULZ Is Loosed upon the World added 7/25/08
star--I Used to Be a Conservative added 6/14/08
--Is the Readiness All? added 4/23/08
--We've Got Magic to Do! added 4/4/08
star--The 1585 Learns the True Meaning of Christmas added 12/8/07
--The Secret Sexism of Sensitivity added 11/22/07
--Response to Dr. Roger Olson added 11/9/07
--Return of Son of "Not a Free-Speech Issue" One More Time Again added 10/25/07
--Pump up the Volume: a 17th-Anniversary Retrospective added 9/1/07
--Sexo Grammaticus chats with Sapient & Kelly of Rational Response Squad (podcast) 8/07
star--A Religious Conservative & a Relativist Liberal vs. Michael Jordan added 7/23/07
--The Other N-Word added 6/16/07
--A Treatise in Support of the Idea that Constant Uncompromising Correction... added 6/3/07
--Cock Mobster: the Girls Gone Wild Essay added 5/18/07
--The 10 Stupidest Religious Beliefs added 5/4/07
--She Was a Girl from Birmingham added 4/24/07
star--Be Yourself?  Screw Yourself! added 4/10/07
--Why Byron? added 3/29/07
--300: Freedom Isn't Free-Association added 3/13/07
--Mayhem of the Antihookupites added 3/5/07
--On Patriotism added 3/3/07
--Are All Creationists Racist? added 2/19/07
--More and More Do I Realize: the Paris Hilton Essay added 2/7/07
--Spank Me Harder, Jesus! added 1/25/07
--P.C. or Not P.C.? added 1/10/07
--Marriage and the Two Religions added 12/19/06
--My Dinner with Sexo added 12/9/06
--On the Calling-Stupid of People November '06
--What are Liberals & Conservatives? November '06
--"You Can't Talk about My Religion!" November '06
--An Open Letter to Our Rousseauist Counterparts November '06

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